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Tank Hatches

Cargo Tank Access & Tank Cleaning Hatches

All Nor-Marine hatch systems are designed to meet the most stringent requirements set out by chemical manufacturing companies and operators of chemical and product tankers.

The SWING AWAY cargo tank access hatches with labyrinth sealing, machined surfaces and central closing systems with a high closing force, eliminate the risk of contamination once and for all. The hatches are sturdy, well built and machined to fine tolerances.

The SEATIGHT tank cleaning hatch has a central closing force and a double-seal system with an outer radial seal and a main seal in the cover. Machined surfaces and robust design fulfil the tolerances so important to ensuring absolute tightness during the lifetime of the ship.

The factory boasts an automized production line for tank access ladders and platforms, offering high quality products at a reasonable prices. Welding robots and automation reduce production time and ensure that our marine products are top quality

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