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Nor-Marine Portable Derrick is a simple, yet functional lifting appliance. The derrick is supplied in 4 main sections, foundation, post, jib and winch, for easy assembly and erection at site. With use of many fixed foundations and one or two jib and boom sets, you can with a low cost have a crane in use at many places onboard your vessel.

The winch can be operating on manual, air, hydraulic or electric power. Manual slewing and securing of jib, is performed by the guide ropes attached to the jib.Proposed areas of application

Ship mounted:

  • stores and provision
  • tank cleaning equipment
  • machinery
  • work boats (without personnel)
  • gangways
  • deepwell pumps

Wharf mounted:

  • leisure boats (without personnel)
  • fishing equipment
  • oil recovery equipment
  • machinery
  • work boats (without personnel)
  • general service crane




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